Percent of Totals in Reporting Services (Simple way without Data Set editing)

Suppose you have the following data set:

 Member Level InStore  Online  NumberofPurchases

------------ ---------- -------- -------------------

GOLD         1500.00    1200.00  10

SILVER       1000.00    600.00   8

BRONZE       500.00     300.00   4

and you wanted to display this in reporting services, but also have the % of totals (i.e. Gold = 50% of all In Store Purchases). Turns out there is a very easy way to do this, assuming you are only basing this off of a Grand Total or total row that is not dynamic (multiple versions of it will appear). Click on the total cell for In Store $, and rename it from textbox11 (or whatever it is) to TotalInStore.

Change the Name of this textbox.

Add a new column to the Table, give it the header % of In Store. On the Data Row, enter the following expression for the text field (note for the code, my column name is InStore:


Format that as a percent, and this should auto calculate the total, and compare it to that individual group giving you the percentage of the total:

See the Percent in Store is accurately reflected.


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